WA to MA pt. 2

Leaving Banff via the Trans-Canada Highway, we made our way toward Calgary. Situated about 120 kilometers east of Banff, Calgary lies at the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Its climate and setting is not dissimilar to Denver as you travel east on I-70 in Colorado. With our plans up in the air at this point, we were essentially knocking down miles as we figured things out.

Bozeman seemed like an excellent second option as Glacier was crossed off the list. It had us reminiscing about our detour to Palm Springs when Yosemite didn’t work out (also due to snowstorm) as we road tripped from PHX to Seattle.

Crossing back into the States at the Sweet Grass, MT port of entry, the windy high plains were put on display. The great flat expanse of the plains gave us an excellent view of the storm moving south and parallel to us, along the Rockies to the west. We were trying to outrun the storm as the winds picked up and clouds collected about a hundred miles to our right.

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