January 16 – 22

We awoke Saturday morning in St George rather sluggishly. The motel room’s heater was on the fritz, having only two modes: off and full heat blast.

We took our time getting out the door, recouping after the long traverse across Nevada the day before. That afternoon, we took a nice 10 mile off-road drive from the corner of town into the Dixie National Forest and set out on a short hike to Yant flats and the Candy Cliffs. Pale orange and red striations cut through the sandstone around us, as we leisurely climbed a few hundred feet over a couple miles through the sagebrush and juniper trees. Ground-hugging cacti spotted the trail along the way, and we were sure to be mindful of Charley wandering about so as to avoid any needle sticks. 

Arriving at the Flats, we stopped briefly to take in the enormity of the landscape in front of us. An ongoing difficulty in the West is conceptualizing the scale of the cliffs, peaks and formations strewn about in the vast wilderness. The Candy Cliffs, farther along the same trail, offered a stillness that was lacking at the Flats, as most folks don’t continue on after that.

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Arizona Travel Assignment

Bijan and I were lucky to score our first travel assignment in the location that we had wanted! We were aiming to start our careers as travel nurses in the Phoenix area of Arizona because Bijan has a brother that lives there, and tons of aunts, uncles and cousins as well. Not to mention, February to May is the perfect time to be there. We got travel assignments working at Chandler Regional Medical Center in Chandler, AZ starting in February 2019. With the help of Bijan’s amazing auntie, we were able to find a 3 month lease at an apartment complex a few miles from the hospital, and his aunts lent us all of the furniture and housewares that we could need. Once we were all moved in, we started working, and Charley starting attending an awesome doggy daycare! We worked on different units at the hospital, but worked day shifts and, for the most part, the same schedule. With the first travel assignment came lots of anxiety, stress, and some tears, but we powered through the difficult first month, and made it through the entire assignment, even extending by a few weeks into mid-May. We actually ended up really enjoying working at this hospital and loved living in Arizona.

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