Colorado Extension

September 21 – 23

At this point in our “planned” road trip, we would be in California enjoying Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and the Mammoth Lakes area of the Sierras. Due to the wildfires and smoke hazards, we opted to alter our original plan and stall in Southwest Colorado for a bit longer. We can’t complain even the tiniest bit. It is so beautiful here, and we are grateful to have extra time to relax and explore the area.

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“To hell you ride”

We really enjoyed our time at the Dutch Charlie area of Ridgway State Park, where we had camped for four nights. When we looked to stay longer, though, it was booked up. So Thursday morning, we packed up our gear, rearranged the car like a terrible game of tetris, enjoyed breakfast at the camp, and departed the park around 10 AM. Thursday would be Operation: Find a Place to Sleep.

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Onward and Upward

We pushed through the high plains of eastern Colorado and into Denver around 5pm and found our lodging for the night shortly thereafter. One of our friends we met through travel nursing offered us to crash at her place, as she’d be out of town for a wedding for the weekend. I can’t say enough about the friends we have.

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Wide Open Spaces

September 11 & 12th: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and half of Colorado.

We cruised through the central states and the midwest with our longest 2 driving days of the trip. Although there were not familiar faces in this part of the country, we made it a point to find a few things along the way each day to stretch our legs and get a taste of the state or city that we were driving through.

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One last push Westward

After almost a week on the road, feeling a little tired and run down, we decided to take it easy on Saturday and sleep in before hitting the road. Joey and Bijan made a delicious breakfast of French toast and well-done bacon, and we hit the road at around 11am. We had hopes of leaving after the ski traffic out west had ended. However, this was not the case. We got stuck in back to back traffic as soon as we hit I-70 going through the mountains. Once we made it through this, it was smooth sailing to our destination Moab, Utah.

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Rocky Mountain High

We spent Thursday with Joe and Olivia, who had taken the day off (thanks guys!) to show us around Denver and the foothills to the west. After a hearty breakfast of crisp bacon and pancakes, we set out towards Morrison and hiked a loop tucked in the foothills. The Turkey Trot trail featured vistas of Denver mixed with areas that could’ve been a hundred miles into the wilderness given the silence and scenery.

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