Flipping coasts and wrap-up

May 26 – June 13

We finished our last shift at Cottage Hospital on the 25th, and had only a moment to let that sink in. We’d pack up our duffels that night, drop off Charley at the dog-sitter in Ventura, and catch an early morning flight back home to visit family and friends.

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Massachusetts & Rhode Island Travel Assignments

After nearly 3 weeks on the road, we finally made it back to Massachusetts. Bijan and I had both scored travel assignments at our previous staff nurse jobs at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, and we were eager to get home and see our family, friends and former co-workers after nearly 9 months out west.

Our first stop once we got back into the Northeast was to visit Bijan’s parents in Binghamton. It was great to see family again, and also be able to sit on the couch with an iced coffee and watch crappy tv shows after a long non-stop road-trip. We took some walks at local parks with Charley and of course, since we had enough players again, had to squeeze in a game or two of Catan.

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