Flipping coasts and wrap-up

May 26 – June 13

We finished our last shift at Cottage Hospital on the 25th, and had only a moment to let that sink in. We’d pack up our duffels that night, drop off Charley at the dog-sitter in Ventura, and catch an early morning flight back home to visit family and friends.

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Rochester, Columbus, and Beyond!

Spending the night in Rochester, we headed over to our friends Rob and Lesen’s house for a cookout and a fire to see some friends before leaving New York. Pete, Dave, Rob, and I all grew up together back in Vestal, and our partners Cora, Cait, Lesen, and Jamie were all able to make it as well. It was so good to catch up. You know you’re in good company when it can be 1 day or 5 years since you’ve last seen each other and it feels all the same.

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On the road again…

September 9th: Departure day

We spent the morning wrapping up our car setup and enjoying a final meal with family. Google maps has it clocked at 2,787 miles to Santa Barbara, but with all that we have planned, we are looking at quite a few more.

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Southern Tier for the Summer

Settling down back in upstate NY in the beginning of May, Jamie and I were looking forward to a great summer. We were excited to spend time with my parents and also to get out and experience all that we could with the 3-4 short months we’d be there.

At work, we jumped through orientation and hit the floors, learning on the fly as we’re typically offered only a couple days of training. I had worked at Lourdes Hospital in the Emergency Department before going back to nursing school, so I was familiar with the facility and even ran into some old colleagues along the way.

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