WA to MA pt. 1

Leaving Seattle was bittersweet. We had an incredible time in the PNW, but we hadn’t seen many of our family or friends since we left the northeast 8 months prior. We were excited to get back to see people we love and gain back some familiarity. Bijan and I were lucky that our former managers rehired us as travelers on our old floors at Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston for a 3 month contract. We were tired of learning new hospital systems (it gets exhausting) and wanted something familiar for a little while. We were also lucky that my parents were willing to take us in for a few months. With 3 weeks off between assignments, we packed all of our belongings into our little Crosstrek and hit the road, with plans to visit some national parks along the way. We didn’t plan it out this way but we ended up road tripping during peak foliage season which made for some awesome views and photos!

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Washington Travel Assignment

Ahh Washington! It is hard to sum up all that we did here in one post because we did SOOO much while we were there and absolutely loved it. We still talk about our time in Seattle frequently, and the state of Washington has got to be one of our all time favorite places. We also have to add that we were there the most ideal time of year, mid-May to the end of September, so we may have a skewed perception of the Seattle weather!

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Washington vaca with the Neureuter fam

Arriving in Washington was exciting because we were meeting my family for a week-long vacation for the last week of May before we started working. We had rented a house on a small lake called Beaver Lake in Sammamish, WA (about 30 min drive east of Seattle) for a week of relaxing and exploring. We had some excursions planned, but most of the week we decided to just figure it out as we go.

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Arizona Travel Assignment

Bijan and I were lucky to score our first travel assignment in the location that we had wanted! We were aiming to start our careers as travel nurses in the Phoenix area of Arizona because Bijan has a brother that lives there, and tons of aunts, uncles and cousins as well. Not to mention, February to May is the perfect time to be there. We got travel assignments working at Chandler Regional Medical Center in Chandler, AZ starting in February 2019. With the help of Bijan’s amazing auntie, we were able to find a 3 month lease at an apartment complex a few miles from the hospital, and his aunts lent us all of the furniture and housewares that we could need. Once we were all moved in, we started working, and Charley starting attending an awesome doggy daycare! We worked on different units at the hospital, but worked day shifts and, for the most part, the same schedule. With the first travel assignment came lots of anxiety, stress, and some tears, but we powered through the difficult first month, and made it through the entire assignment, even extending by a few weeks into mid-May. We actually ended up really enjoying working at this hospital and loved living in Arizona.

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The continuation of the blog…

The start of our backpacking trip to Havasupai in the Grand Canyon in March 2019

Hey followers, we are back! We are bummed that we lost steam on this blog only 2 weeks into our travel nursing adventure in January 2019 after we arrived to Arizona after our drive from Boston. We intended to use this blog as a way of keeping our family and friends informed of our adventures and to help us remember the details of our travels. However, once we arrived in Arizona, we became busy with work and adventuring nonstop on our days off. We, sadly, gave up on it. We are disappointed about this because although we have so many photos of our travels (and some pretty sweet photo books), the blog posts are like journal entries with vivid descriptions and memories that we can relive through reading them for years to come. We decided that while we are in New York, and I personally am cooped up for a bit, we would like to restart our blog so that we can continue it once we leave the Northeast again!

At the end of our assignment in Seattle (last September), we decided to invest in a new camera and also a new wide angle lense that we are continually playing with and learning how to use. We are hoping to use this blog to share some of our amateur photography, and share some details about our travel nurse life. We will also try to include some of the albums, songs and artists we have been listening to or any good podcasts we come across. We feel very lucky to get to live this life and can’t wait to share it with you!

In the next few days I am going to post a summary of each travel assignment and long road trip with some of our favorite moments during each one with a few favorite photos! Be sure to follow along.

Moab to Strawberry- the penultimate segment.

Leaving Moab was bittersweet. We were excited to reach our destination after 2 weeks of constant “go-bag” living, but sad to leave such a beautiful place. Gas for the car, coffee for our bodies, and onward we pushed. Our route would take us just under 400 miles SSW through Monument Valley, across the Arizona border and into the mountains of Tonto National Forest and Strawberry, Arizona.

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One last push Westward

After almost a week on the road, feeling a little tired and run down, we decided to take it easy on Saturday and sleep in before hitting the road. Joey and Bijan made a delicious breakfast of French toast and well-done bacon, and we hit the road at around 11am. We had hopes of leaving after the ski traffic out west had ended. However, this was not the case. We got stuck in back to back traffic as soon as we hit I-70 going through the mountains. Once we made it through this, it was smooth sailing to our destination Moab, Utah.

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“Charley, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”

I was thinking we would save that for Kansas

We woke up at the crack of dawn in a tiny cabin outside of Kansas City. The cabin was chilly and the ground and car outside were covered in a blanket of fresh snow. Ideally we would have gotten up and taken nice warm showers. Of course, the night before we discovered that the shower wasn’t turning on. With no one to fix it and a long day of driving ahead of us, we decided to forgo the showers and hit the road. Hopefully we don’t stink too bad by the time we get to Joey and Olivia’s.

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