On the road again…

September 9th: Departure day

We spent the morning wrapping up our car setup and enjoying a final meal with family. Google maps has it clocked at 2,787 miles to Santa Barbara, but with all that we have planned, we are looking at quite a few more.

Our travel nurse assignment is set to begin on October 12th, leaving us 4 weeks to adventure and do what we please along the way. We are beginning the trip with one eye on the road and the other on the fires out west, which may severely impact our planned road trip. We know always to remain flexible in our plans for this reason, and because there are always potential storms on our path.

We are also always keeping in mind the extra 500 lbs that our little car is carrying, which it reminds us with a gentle purr of the engine from time to time. We have every little nook and cranny of our little Crosstrek packed, and we only bring what we can fit in our car, aside from a box or two that we have family send us once we arrive at our destination.

We said goodbye to our family in the Southern Tier, and headed due west.

Stay tuned to our blog for updates and stories about our adventures!

There may have been a thrown tortilla chip to get the pups’ attention

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