The continuation of the blog…

The start of our backpacking trip to Havasupai in the Grand Canyon in March 2019

Hey followers, we are back! We are bummed that we lost steam on this blog only 2 weeks into our travel nursing adventure in January 2019 after we arrived to Arizona after our drive from Boston. We intended to use this blog as a way of keeping our family and friends informed of our adventures and to help us remember the details of our travels. However, once we arrived in Arizona, we became busy with work and adventuring nonstop on our days off. We, sadly, gave up on it. We are disappointed about this because although we have so many photos of our travels (and some pretty sweet photo books), the blog posts are like journal entries with vivid descriptions and memories that we can relive through reading them for years to come. We decided that while we are in New York, and I personally am cooped up for a bit, we would like to restart our blog so that we can continue it once we leave the Northeast again!

At the end of our assignment in Seattle (last September), we decided to invest in a new camera and also a new wide angle lense that we are continually playing with and learning how to use. We are hoping to use this blog to share some of our amateur photography, and share some details about our travel nurse life. We will also try to include some of the albums, songs and artists we have been listening to or any good podcasts we come across. We feel very lucky to get to live this life and can’t wait to share it with you!

In the next few days I am going to post a summary of each travel assignment and long road trip with some of our favorite moments during each one with a few favorite photos! Be sure to follow along.

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