One last push Westward

After almost a week on the road, feeling a little tired and run down, we decided to take it easy on Saturday and sleep in before hitting the road. Joey and Bijan made a delicious breakfast of French toast and well-done bacon, and we hit the road at around 11am. We had hopes of leaving after the ski traffic out west had ended. However, this was not the case. We got stuck in back to back traffic as soon as we hit I-70 going through the mountains. Once we made it through this, it was smooth sailing to our destination Moab, Utah.

I-70 from Denver to Moab is a drive that we have done before, and it was the drive that we were most looking forward to. This drive never disappoints. It starts in the Rocky Mountains going up through high elevations accross the continental divide, past many well-known ski resorts. Then it weaves through Glenwood Canyon, red clay-colored, rugged cliffs covered with a blanket of snow, parallel to the Colorado river.

img_3663 2

Glenwood Canyon

After passing though Glenwood Springs and grabbing a quick bite to eat, we continued on through the desert of western Colorado. Along the highway were sand-colored, smooth mountains that resemble big piles of dirt, the Book Cliffs, that hover over Grand Junction, CO and extend into eastern Utah. The ever-changing landscape makes for an entertaining drive. At this point we realized that we hadn’t turned on music or a podcast for the entire drive, which was entirely fine with all 3 of us.


The Book Cliffs

After crossing over the border into Utah, we were met with a mysterious, flat landscape of nothingness. We crossed over into Utah just before sundown, and wanted to check out a ghost town that we had driven by once before called Cisco, Utah (More on Cisco). We drove into a pull-off for Cisco where there was an array of dilapidated buildings and trailors, giving us an eery, haunted feeling, with flat desert desolation in every other direction. In one run-down building we saw a light on, and another shack was strung with flashing Christmas lights. It was then that we started that we were in the scene of a horror movie, and decided to get the heck out of there.

Along I-70 a little further along, we encountered an interesting gas station called UFO Joe’s, complete with a mystery machine van out front and covered in neon lights with some creepy sayings on the front. Of course at this point we were short on gas and had to stop to put a few gallons in, and only a few because with nothing else around they could charge 6$ per gallon.

We finally pushed on and made it to Moab, Utah. We settled in to our suite at the La Quinta in town. It was dog friendly, cheap, and actually surprisingly nice. Charley approved. Ready for some Utah adventuring!


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