Next up: CBus (Columbus)

“They’re not good, but they’re ok.”

After 500 more miles on the road, we’ve arrived at our friends and old Brighton neighbors Paul and Kelly’s place in Columbus, OH. The quote above was in reference to the pics we attempted to take at their apartment.  The trip through western NY, dipping into PA by Lake Erie, and down into Ohio was frigid to say the least. Warming up to a balmy 15F (from -1F) by the time we reached our destination, the windows and wiper fluid froze nearly immediately. Not to mention dodging ice chunks flying off the top of tractor trailers at highway speeds.

We listened to the podcast Dr. Death (highly recommend) on the way, which helped the 9-10 hours pass. Also, please comment below with any other podcast or music suggestions please!

We arrived in Columbus around 5:30 PM, had some delicious chicken tortilla soup with paleo dark chocolate twix bars for dessert (Thanks Kel!). Charley seems a bit unsettled with the new surrounding but is glad to see her old pals Paul and Kelly from Brighton. Tomorrow, the trip resumes with a long day to Kansas City planned, probably 12ish hours. Hoping for an uneventful weather day, and listening to Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey on audiobook on the way.

Talk soon!

5 thoughts on “Next up: CBus (Columbus)

  1. Please send my girlfriend (Muddy Paws) back to Massachusetts. I miss her and am willing to put all my bones and toys in the dining room if it means she will come back to visit me.

    River Neureuter


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