The Journey Begins

To travel hopefully is better than to arrive. –C.S. Lewis

Time to go. Saying goodbye to family, friends, Brighton, coworkers was tough. We wouldn’t trade the last three and a half years for anything. But it’s time to get uncomfortable again; to grow with change as our catalyst.

It’s the start of our westward trip. Destination? Phoenix, Arizona. But not without a few stops along the way. If we’re going to drive across the country, might as well take a few detours and see what it’s all about, right?

So, first stop: Binghamton, NY. The initial plan being to stay Friday, 1/18 to Sunday, 1/20. Of course, this is upstate New York and its January. Meaning winter storm Harper has a different plan. Sacking the Northeast with 12-18 inches of snow, we will look to set out Monday morning, 1/21, with the day’s journey hopefully ending in Columbus, OH, just under 500 miles WSW from Binghamton.

Currently sitting cozily at my parents’ house in Binghamton, I could think of worse places to be stuck during a snowstorm. Charley is content to lay on the couch all day, currently watching house hunters and picking out her dream home. We’ll recharge the batteries and set out fresh Monday to begin the push westward.

I hope to keep this blog up to date and full of the latest goings-on. Talk soon!

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